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Protection Face Masks 3-Ply Disposable

Main features:

- 3-Layer protection:
Wearing it could effectively block out dust, bacteria, droplets, and air pollution, and then offer oxygen for you to breathe comfortably, protecting your health.

- Breathable and comfortable:
Lightweight design, skin-friendly texture, wearing it even for a long time won't create any fatigue or stress to your skin.

- Elastic earloop style:
Elastic earloop means that our mask could fit any face shape, which also helps you take on or off it quickly and easily.

- Built-in adjustable metal nose-bridge strip:
Built-in adjustable metal nose-bridge strip, just press it gently to fit the nose bridge to better seal your face.

Product Name: Face Mask (Non-sterile )

China National standard:GB/T32610-2016

Model No.: RK-MMY-50

Specifications: Flat Type, Ear Loops, 17.5cm×9.5cm(±0.5cm)

Components and Materials: This product consists of mask main body, nose clip, and mask belts. This Face Mask is made with 70% of non-woven fabric and 30% of meltblown filter fabric. Nose clip is made of plastic material.

Intended Use: The Face Masks are intended for use by members of the general public to cover their noses and mouths for personal protection. This is a single-use, disposable, non-sterile device. This Face Mask should not be used in any surgical setting or where significant exposure to liquid, bodily or other hazardous fluids, may be expected; it should not be used  in a clinical setting where the infection risk level through inhalation exposure is high; and should not be used in the presence of a high intensity heat source or flammable gas. This product should only be used by the general public.

Instructions for Use: Unpack to take out a mask. Curve the nose wire in the upper part of the mask around your nose, then extend the folds vertically so that your face is covered down to the bottom of your jaw. Don’t touch back side of the mask with your hand. 

Caution: Read instructions before use; check the label, production date and valid period; for single use only; reuse is prohibited; check package before use; usage is prohibited if package is damaged.

Quantity: 50 pcs 

Shelf Life: 5 years 

Storage Conditions: Store at temperature -10℃~+40℃, humidity ≤ 80%, a well-ventilated environment away from corrosive gas.

FaceMask Size: 17.5cm×9.5cm(±0.5cm) X 50 PCS/ BOX 

Box Size: 18.5 x 10.0 x 8.0cm

Caton Size: 52.0 x 38.5 x 35.0cm x 40 BOXES, 2000PCS


Test Report: GTTC - Face Mask (Non-Sterile)


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