Ruikang Medical protects reputation for "Made in China"

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Illegal factory fish in troubled waters,

Ruikang Medical protects reputation for "Made in China"

Illegal factory fish in troubled waters,

Ruikang Medical protects reputation for "Made in China"

THE global epidemic(COVID-19)situation is showing an accelerated spread. Just when China is vigorously exerting its role as a factory in the world, and fully providing more medical supplies for global anti-epidemic。Some feedback from Europe and the United States shows the quality  has a bad influence on Chinese face masks and even China's reputation.

-Combating counterfeit and shoddy behavior

The Rectification of Name for  “Made in China"

BEWARE of illegal factories that fish in troubled waters

It is reported that,None of these illegal companies have obtained the national  registration certification from NMPA.

According to the official announcement of the China customs and NMPA , the qualified enterprises that have obtained the National Medical Device Product Registration Certificate have 2,047 nationwide.Guizhou Ruikang Medical is in the list!

Disposable medical face masks (752 in total)

Provincial government departments-disposable medical face mask registration information

Disposable surgical face masks (523 in total)

Provincial government departments-disposable surgical face mask registration information

In order to ensure product quality and safety and regulate export order, on March 31, the Ministry of Commerce, the China Customs and the CMPA jointly issued an announcement: Since 1st April , companies exporting COVID-19 test reagents and medical face masks must provide written or electronic declarations to the customs, promising that the exported products have obtained the CMPA certificate and meet the quality standards of the importing country (region).

As we all know, since the outbreak of the COVID epidemic, many enterprises and even private workshops have carried out face mask production.

Although face mask production equipment is easy to obtain, 

it have strict standards  to produce medical protective face masks and obtaining international export certification. Therefore, not all face masks meet the export standards.

-Professional, qualified, approved for export and global standards-

Guizhou Ruikang Medical is a medical protection enterprise approved by the provincial government, obtained the national medical device production qualification, and officially registered in China Customs and CMPA.

Products comply with Chinese medical protection standards and most global product certifications

With the global COVID-19 epidemic raging,

It is indispensable for Chinese enterprises to export to cooperate with other countries in fighting the epidemic.

Ruikang Medical has a 100,000-level aseptic production workshop, 40 fully automatic production lines with a daily capacity of 3 million pieces faces mask.

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